Room18 Competition 2016 - Arki Topo - Architecture & Topography

Room18 Competition 2016

We are proud to announce that ArkiTopo team participated in the Room18 Competition that took place in Athens, Greece. Room18 is a Pan-European Design competition for the interior design of a typical bedroom in a Greek four-star urban hotel of a total area of 18 – 24m2. The competition was announced on 21th of April 2016 and ended on July 2016. The competition attracted 262 submissions, by 580 contributors, from 17 countries.

On the basis of the Room 18 program, all the entries in the Competition will be exhibited with the names of the entrants at the Benaki Museum, in Athens, from 23/11/2016 – 11/12/2016.

The Design Concept was to help the guest to get familiar with the room space quickly. Given the fact that the guest stays in a hotel room during a small time period, he/she hasn’t enough time to get familiar with the space. For this reason, we designed a room that suits to the guest’s needs and makes him/her feel comfortable during his/her short stay in it. Simple and recognizable materials were chosen such as wood, cement, glass. Glass is also used to separate the bathroom from the bedroom, allowing the guest to see through the whole space. Hidden blinds in the ceiling provide privacy when needed. Warm colors on the walls and the fabrics complete the design concept.

You can find more information about Room18 Competition 2016 here.