Offices refurbishment, Thessaloniki, Greece

Location: Thessaloniki,  Greece
Design date: 12/2014 – 03/2015
Status: Complete, 2015
Area: 200sq.m.

We had to decide, along with the company’s staff, from a number of selected spaces for the relocation of the “” offices in Thessaloniki. We designed the new offices according to the needs and the instructions of “”. We collaborated with the staff and the company’s designer team in order to create a professional space that would match the company’s standards.

We had to design spaces that would satisfy the company’s needs. The selected space was smaller than desired, so the initial design had to be changed in order to accommodate all the necessary activities. Furthermore, the design for the leisure time space had to respond to and incorporate elements of the traditional architectural style of the city of Thessaloniki.

The works that took place are removals of existing gypsum boards (dry walls), removal of glass dividers including their aluminum frame, new walls (Plasterboard works) where needed, electrical works, transfer and relocation of specific a/c units, interior doors, plumping /piping in pantry and w.c., procurement, construction and installation cupboards/furnishings, procurement and installation of tiles in the pantry and w.c., paintings.