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About Us

ArkiTopo is an architectural practice established in 2008 combining the technical knowledge and professional experience of Tonia Gkougkouli, Architect Engineer N.T.U.A., and Thanos Ntelonis, Surveyor Engineer N.T.U.A. Our professional career began long before the foundation of our practice and already spans over a five-year period of experience gained by having worked in architectural offices and major construction companies, respectively. Given this fact, good quality of services and high standards of professionalism are guaranteed.

Our practice takes action in every aspect of study concerning any structural and technical project. Apart from architectural and topographical issues, cared directly and effectively by us, there is also sufficient and close contact with several collaborating engineers covering any project. Therefore, we are able to provide you with complete engineering services, as well as to help you deal with any technical problem that requires experience and knowledge, having the most optimum solution.

About Us - Architectural Practice - Arki Topo - Architecture & Topography - Tonia Gkougkouli
Tonia Gkougkouli – Architect

Tonia Gkougkouli has graduated from National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.) in 2005 and since she has practiced architecture and interior design on several projects including residences, offices and commercial projects. She has also attended courses of interior design in Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Athens. In addition, she is involved in issuing building permits in accordance with Greek building regulations and supervising building construction projects. She is familiar with many of the CAD software involved in architectural designing (AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, 3D max, V-Ray). During her career, she has attended many seminars organized by the Institution of Education for the members of the Technical Chamfer of Greece such as Energy audit and Issuance of Energy Certification of buildings, Construction Law & Procedure for Building Development, Natural Lighting design for energy savings. She is energy inspector and manager since 2013.

About Us - Architectural Practice - Arki Topo - Architecture & Topography - Thanos Ntelonis
Thanos Ntelonis – Τopographer

Thanos Ntelonis has graduated from National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.) in 2004 and since he has worked for several companies offering land surveying support in Road Works and Private Buildings. Since 2007 he has practiced Quantity Surveying in Road Works, Hydraulic works and Structures. He has also experience in project management, cost estimating and budget control. He joined ArkiTopo in 2010 as a consultant engineer. His main activities and responsibilities apply on Boundary, Topographical, Building Surveys, Land Surveying Support in Construction Project and Quantity Surveying (as a subcontractor for construction companies).