Redesign of an apartment in Marousi, Attiki, Greece

Location: Marousi, Attiki, Greece
Design date:
06/2015 – 07/2015
Status: Completed, 2015
Area: 100sq.m.

The existing two bedroom apartment is located in Marousi, Attiki, in Greece and is 100sq.m. The aim of the redesign was to convert the apartment from an existing office to a home for a couple. The apartment is surrounded by verandas with the larger area in front of the sitting room. The new owners desired to have the living room, the dining area and the kitchen in an open space. The kitchen is used not only for cooking but also for an everyday dining space where the owners and their friends can enjoy eating and drinking. The natural light penetrates in all areas of the apartment, thus intense colors were put on walls of the open space area. Hidden lights were also used to create an intermediate light level between daylight and night.  Kitchen, bathroom and w.c. furniture were custom made in order to serve the owners’ needs.