Night club in Glyfada, Attiki

Location: Glyfada, Attiki, Greece
Design date:
Status: Complete, 2012
Area: 290sq.m.

The owners of the club wished to create a warm space that everybody could have a panoramic view of the space. The entertainment is achieved with drinking, dancing and flirting with each other. The bar is located in the center of the space where events take place. Dj is also located near the bar and in the middle of the space. There is also a private space for clients who desire isolation from the other people in the club and they want to rest on the sofa. These private spaces are constructed in higher levels so that that they are allowed the eye contact.

Above the bar a truss is hanged by the ceiling that serves for the events, where lights, laser and dancers can be hanged. The diverse cylinders on the ceiling create a playful effect with the form and the light abolishing the height limits of the space.

The colors of the space are fresh and warm. The curves create a familiar space that everyone can see each other and can follow the events in the bar. The used materials are wood, metal and plaster board. The grid between the private space and the club, divides the two spaces without isolating them.

The team was responsible for the design according the owners’ desire and the existing building regulations. A building permit was approved in 2012.