Garden design in a house, Eretria, Evia, Greece

Location: Eretria, Evia, Greece
Design date: 11/2009
Status: Complete, 2010
Area: 160sq.m.

The brief concerns of a backyard garden of a house near the sea, in Eretria, Greece. The existing garden was unorganized, with many used free spaces. The client wished to demolish an existing warehouse and remodel the landscape, creating a nice structure with a patio and a barbecue in it.

The entrance to the house and the garden was redesigned in order to create a welcome space for the tenants and the guests. The barbecue is roofed by a wooden construction with roof tiles and includes a working bench with cupboards. The patio is proposed to be constructed by cement. The design also includes an external douche made of wood and landscaping around an existing well.